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Recursive Search

Update 2.14.2017: Recursive search is no longer being updated; the Recursive Search Manager of this project is now being maintained in a better project called NFlate:

This is a very simple program I wrote because I had taken a short contract at a place with dozens of projects all within a root folder. Visual Studio does not search outside of its own solution so this program helped me determine which project the code belonged to.

There are 3 values to enter to enter to perform a search.

1. Search Path - This is the root folder to begin the search.

2. Search Text - This is the text to search for. By default the search is not case sensitive, however if you select the Case Sensitive check box this will perform a case sensitive search.

3. Extensions - The extensions is a semi colon delimited group of strings for extensions to search.
To search all extensions use .*;

After these values have been entered click the Search button.

Depending on how many recursive files are found there may be a delay until the search begins. The first thing the program does is recursively find all files to search and the set the graph (progress bar) maximum value to the number of files to search.

The results will show up as the results are found. You can stop the search at any time.

Search Within Results
After a search has completed you have an option to 'Search Within Results'. Check this box to search only files that were found from the previous search. This is useful to help you narrow down the results to exactly the item(s) you desire.

Technical Note:

The code could be switched to search if the text from the file contains the search text. I had originally planned on showing the line number of the matching text with the file. I am in the middle of another project that will soon launch ( so I did not want to spend too much time on this program, but I do find it be a better replacement to Windows default search.

I also meant to add a label to the GUI for 'Double click on a file to open in the program associated. I just forgot before I published. If anyone finds this program useful and has the time to display the line number in the list view and add the label send it to me and I will publish an update.

If you have any suggestions or ideas to improve the search experience please let me know.

As usual, if you think the program was worth more than you paid for it please rate or review the project with a kind word.

If you have any suggestions, comments, feedback or something nice to say please leave a message here or email me at

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